Senior Class Video

This DVD was reproduced from a VHS tape which was copied from the original 8MM film used to shoot the "movie".  It was made in the fall of 1963 using a group of mostly 17 and 18 year old high school cut-ups.  It was envisioned, created, directed and mostly filmed by Tucker Conley, primarily on the campus of Marshall High School, Marshall, TX.  The players whom Tucker talked into following his direction and looking as silly as possible are his friends and classmates.  It was shown at one of the class of '64 senior parties and had been stored for 45 years at the time of transfer to DVD.

This DVD contains about 60% if the original footage.  The rest has been destroyed or had disintegrated before it could be copied and saved.  Those originally involved in this film and those who knew Tucker Conley will understand and enjoy viewing this bit of nostalgia - Frank Timmins

Note:  Video doesn't start until 0:26 seconds