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05/28/13 09:50 AM #9    


Donna Hall (Liberto)

You guys have done a great job. I just love be reminded of those great days! Thanks so much for using and sharing your talent.

06/08/13 01:28 PM #10    


Allan Hall Burbage

Tuck and David...->  the work you're doing on this site is really improving it....I bet we have the best high school nostalgia site around..... :) 


06/09/13 04:03 PM #11    


Dale York (Clark)

Excuse me, Allan.  Your expression of appreciation & very nice compliment notwithstanding, I have to set you straight on one item: your statement that this site is the best h.s. website around.  As much as I like what Tuck & David are doing & as much as I like visiting this site, MY website (MHS class of 1965) is the BEST AROUND.  But I'd give this one a close second & gaining fast.

06/09/13 08:53 PM #12    


Tuck Kemper


Just so everyone knows, everything our site is today is due to Dale's help and the TON of stuff David and I have "borrowed" from the website.  It truly is remarkable, and thanks to Dale's generosity, we have learned to "cut and paste", and just kind of gone from there.

And THAT'S  what classmates are for!

06/09/13 09:55 PM #13    


Dale York (Clark)

A generous compliment, Tuck.  But you're right that all of us benefit by sharing.  I've gotten so many good ideas from other sites & the admins willing to share.  Never had an original thought in my life, but I know a good idea when I see one.  And happy to pass it along!

06/17/13 04:04 PM #14    


Allan Hall Burbage

Just saw the sad news of Andy Huntsberger's passing...  not sure where to post some thoughts, but I'm sure someone will place it where best........ in our first college years Andy and I  became good friends, and double-dated and dug Malibu's.....He liked the Monkee's ( i hated them:) ....  we are losing too many classmates, and when they leave us we realize how many times we had the chance to tell them how important they were to our past and what we became.   Hope Andy's family and friends are consoled a little by how highly he was thought of, and how essential he was to those formative years...



06/17/13 09:03 PM #15    


Tuck Kemper

Absolutely appropriate to post where you did, Allan.  Like you, I had the opportunity, or at least the time to take opportunity, to speak to or communicate with Andy, and it seemed like life always got into the way.  I always liked him and believe he and I got along pretty well.  I'm just sad now I'll never have the chance to tell him how much his friendship meant to me.

Rest in peace, Andy.  You are whole and healthy once again.  While we grieve for ourselves that we won't see you again on this eartlly journey, we haven't lost you, because you can't lose something when you know where it is, and I know where Andy is today.


06/18/13 02:24 PM #16    

Tom Banks

Alan and Tuck-

Nice to hear your responses about someone I held as a close friend since early Junior High.  My wife,Susan and I held Andy and Terry in our close friendship group.  He was a great guy and we will all miss him to the highest.  May God bless his family and make the next few days a bit more bearable for them.

Tom Banks

07/26/13 09:35 AM #17    


Don R. Pope

Tuck, you and David have created a great website for our 1964 class. Even though Dale says their site is the best, I have to say that '64 is the best. In '65 we had moved on to greater things leaving our underclass men/women behind. However, I will say that Dale has done a fantastic job on their site. 

Tuck, your comments "In the Company of Hero's" are a tribute to all men & women in uniform, past and present. During my 30 years in uniform I served with many outstanding men & women. It is an amazing fact that in each generation we continue to have men and women step forward to fill the shoes of old tired warriors like us. 

Thanks for the wonderful article. Looking forward to next years reunion.


08/02/13 10:24 PM #18    


Allan Hall Burbage

David and Tuck,

Your latest additions to the '64 site affirm Don Pope's commendation of your work.   Especially with the sad passing of Leneda Kay, the many photos highlighting Leneda were timely and deserved........... and the picture of Susan Elliott doing the Twist will be fodder for many great "good-natured" reminders............. :) 



10/28/13 06:11 AM #19    


Joan Bergstrom (Slayden)

David, Tuck and All!

Thanks so much for creating and maintaining this terrific website!! Our class is lucky to have so many great, giving people to keep us connected!

After going with my husband to his 50th reunion Saturday, I'm really looking forward to ours next April!

11/18/13 02:44 PM #20    

Nancy Brown (Conwell)


I am thankful I got to grow up in the company of my fellow Marshall Mavericks '64. 

I am thankful we are planning a time to gather together in the Spring of 2014.

I am thankful Tuck and David have provided this website for us to "gather" in the meantime.

May God bless our Class members, their families and our wonderful country in which we live.

-- Nancy Brown Conwell

11/19/13 03:18 PM #21    


Donna Hall (Liberto)

Our Maverick Classmate Site just gets better and better. I'm sure glad we have some great techies to handle that for us. I am so greatful to be connecting with you all again and looking forward to our reunion. Happy Thanksgiving to you all-- may GOD bless and favor you and your families through the holiday weekend.


11/19/13 06:27 PM #22    


Tuck Kemper

I am grateful for friends ( and foes) who helped to forge my character into the man I am today.  At times, the path was hard, but looking back, I can see God's hand guiding me and ordering my steps.

This website, and the "exercise" of planning get-togethers, has deepened my love and respect for you all.  I read your stories, and am heartened to know that,while our paths may have been different, the common history we all share is something to be cherished.  I'm grateful to have been born and reared in Marshall, Texas, USA.  I also grateful that God gave you all as friends these many years.

03/05/14 12:43 PM #23    

Esta Cowan (Akers)

This is a tribute to Tuck who has spent the last year, at least, giving his all to the upcoming Reunion and to this website.  I have called him at all times of the day and evening, met him in Hallsville (and tried to in Longview) to pick up information I needed for my "job," and emailed like crazy.  It seems that nothing is beyond his capacity to help.

He has been constantly engaged in the process of making this website and reunion fun, comfortable and casual AND MEMORABLE so we can all get the most out of it.  In addition, he's given great care not to make it prohibitively expensive.

Well done, Tuck!  I can't wait for us to enjoy "our time together."

03/06/14 01:22 PM #24    

Marsha Thomas (Childers)

So true!  Thanks as well to all who worked on the class site or were on the committee.  Your work is appreciated.

03/08/14 03:38 PM #25    

Bendy Duncan (Canada-Doty)

Thank you Tuck and all those who have worked so hard on the website and the reunion.  I live so far away that this is the first I have heard about any of my '64 classmates in years.  I was so shocked and saddened to hear so many have passed.  So I have plane ticket in hand and hope to see you all.  I have no family ties in Marshall any more so this will also be a trip to remember the places of my youth.  I am also bringing a large box of tissues for all those tears of joy and those from not so good memories.  Besides I am sick of snow and ice and am ready to see some green grass.

03/10/14 12:54 PM #26    


Donna Hall (Liberto)

Tuck you have been a great example to us all-- thanks for putting up with me and my craziness--it has really been good for me to reconnect with at least some of my classmates.  I'm sad that I will not be able to attend the reunion. But hope we want waith 10 yrs this time a round--I really believe we should do somthing every five years for as many as could even if it were just a meal and fellowship.  Then on the 10th year have the regular reunion. Might could get  more involved in the planning that way.

03/10/14 12:57 PM #27    


Donna Hall (Liberto)

I wanted to add another note for both you and David--I have shown things to many of my friends and co-workers and they are very impressed with this site that we have to go to for school memories. You guys have done an awesome job-- I don't use that word to much. So thanks to all your time and hard work in keeping us informed.


03/27/14 04:16 PM #28    

Leana York (Westergaard)

Marshall Art League Spring Art Show will be hanging in the Gallery in the Visual Arts Center at the time of our reunion.  I will also have 3 pieces entered in this exhibit. Joining the MAL last year has inspired me to start doing art again, after neglecting it for many years.        Leana York Westergaard     

04/02/14 10:26 AM #29    


Donna Hall (Liberto)

I was just going throug the Memorial page--both at the reunion meeting and today and tears came to my eyes--15 of the friends I was close to during high school  are already gone. This is just the gal friends.  I thank GOD for my good health.   I teach a Sunday School class of 75 to almost 90 yr olds-- so seeing all these sweet ladies have passed on before they reached these ladies ages in my class -- had a little pain in my heart for them and a little smile for how GOD always puts others in your path. GOD has blessed me with many sweet friends and has allowed me to reconnect with some of my past friends--even some that I haven't been close to since grade school. Hope you all enjoy the reunion -- it should be a blast from the past.  Marshall has on her Sunday best for you.

04/22/14 02:48 PM #30    

Bebe Hines (Cole)

All you precious "children"........I know you will have a wonderful celebration at your 50th class reunion!!  Your "elders" of '63 had our 50th last Fall and it was simply awesome.  I have enjoyed catching up with many of you thru your web pages.  Some of you were in classes with me my senior year and I have never forgotten any of you. Ruth Ann, I hope we girls didn't embarrass you too much when we yelled at you during my 65th birthday party at the Weisman Center.  We were so glad you came upstairs to join us for a few minutes.  I think someone said we had been "invited" not to return to the Weisman Center because we were too noisy.  Ha!  We've been back many times since.  Once again, I wish you all a HAPPY 50TH ANNIVERSARY!  Love,  Bebe Hines Cole

04/28/14 10:37 AM #31    


Donna Hall (Liberto)

Mr Tuck and committees it looks like it was a success--sorry I had to miss. Glad and proud I was there for my grandson Patrick's graduation--it was beautiful and very heart stirring. heart I that wasn't enough --when we arrived home to the local airport friends and family (prearranged of course) for the proposal of marriage to my granddaughter Trisha. yes All in all a beautiful and memorable week and weekend for this blessed and extremely happy grandmother.

I agree with Dianne --let's don't wait 10 years.

05/12/14 08:39 AM #32    


Donna Hall (Liberto)

Being at the reunion would have been better--but seeing the pictures has been the second best thing. Thanks for sharing every one. I have had the best of both worlds --my grandson's Marine Boot Camp graduation and the great pictures from the reunion have made both events a special time in my life.

02/15/15 12:23 PM #33    


Susan Musser (Galik)

Thanks to Tuck and David and Dale for the great web site.  Ironic that I didn't graduate with "my" class and I couldn't come to 50th reunion.  I loved the pictures of the reunion and truly wish I could have been there visiting with old friends.  Everyone looked great.  I cried about the  1963 video by Richard Pruitt.  I cried about not being able to come.  But I rejoiced that I heard from people and that I am healthy for now.  I had so much fun growing up in Marshall.  I said that before but I am so thankful that I had the priviledge of knowing the people I did and how much fun we had.  I hope we have another reunion before I drop dead.  Love to everyone, Susie Musser Galik

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