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Mellie Jo Williams

Mellie Jo Williams


Mellie Jo Williams

Birth:  March 13, 1946

Death:  September 18, 1997

Location:  Louisiana

Age at Death:  51

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05/25/13 09:01 AM #1    

Nancy Brown (Conwell)

Mellie Jo Williams

Born: 3/13/1946

Died: 9/18/1997, Marshall, Texas


Mellie was my friend since First Methodist kindergarten. 

She loved acting -- mostly in plays -- even bringing her sense of drama into everyday life.  

In fact, we shared a dramatic, real life moment -- after a post-game gathering at The Corral Club, Mellie and I left to go home via her little green Ford [small used car, standard transmission --yes, she could shift gears).  It was dark in the parking lot, and we jumped in, shut the doors. 

Mellie started the engine, put 'er in reverse and pulled out of the lot, turning right on Bomar going towards Pinecrest. 

We had just turned left onto Pinecrest, when, about 1/2 block after we turned, HANDS CAME OVER THE SEAT AND GRABBED MELLIE!!  OMG!!!  She screamed, slammed on the brakes and I walloped the daylights out of the guy in the back seat with my purse!   

A familiar male voice yelled, "OW! OW! STOP! I was just kidding!!"  OH, REALLY!!!!  Yes, really.  It was a joke which a good friend had played.... which FOREVER AFTER made us look into the back seat of the car before entering it.... AND.... LOCK THE DOORS BEFORE LEAVING THE CAR!  ThankyouVERYMUCH, friend-who-shall-remain-nameless!

Mellie and I had a lot of fun together. Thanks, kid. I miss you.

-- nancy brown conwell

05/27/13 09:36 AM #2    

Susan Musser (Galik)

Like Nancy I knew Mellie Jo from pre kinder and on through school life.  She was always sweet and kind to everyone.  She was smart and studious but also fun and funny.  I will always have a place in my heart for Mellie.  Susie Musser Galik

08/23/13 12:18 PM #3    

Joan Bergstrom (Slayden)

Looking at these memorials makes me cry!  Mellie Jo, as we called her for so many years, was a wonderful friend.  I remember playing cards on her living room floor -- mainly canasta -- and spending nights at her Aunt Eunice's lovely home.  We had lots of fun during many adventures together, and her family kindly kept my toy fox terrier Pepper when my family went on vacation. May Mellie rest in peace as she watches over us.  : )

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