Patti Dickerson parker-boerner

Profile Updated: May 9, 2015
Residing In: indiana, PA USA
Spouse/Partner: five cats
Occupation: Professor Emeritus, Art and Art History
Children: son, Philip Charles Parker, born 1964; daughter, Evelyn Camille Marie Sorisio, born 1975; grand children More…Olivia Reann Parker, David Philip Christopher Sorisio, Anna Briar Lee Sorisio; great-grand children McKenzie, Myleah, Monroe and Gary Jr.

My son, Philip Charles Parker, has been a welder, a welding company owner, a real estate mogul, a bed and breakfast owner, and now he's decided to get a bachelors degree from Clemson University. He's in Greenville, IL right now, taking care of my 93 year old mom (who needs no care taking!) on a one-year sabbatical from school. An awesome kid (49 years old :D).

My daughter, Evelyn Camille Marie (Boerner) Sorisio, is married and living in Pittsburgh. She has a son, David Philip Christopher and a daughter, Anna Briar Lee. Both are amazing - David was reading at three and Anna is shockingly articulate at two and a half. Evie is an amazing mother and wife with an inexhaustible devotion to her family. Especially given that she was a premie and spent 2 weeks in hospital when she was born, she has grown into an awesome woman-child (38 years old) :D.

School Story:

UT Austin BFA 1981
Maryland Institute College of Art MFA 1987

When I moved to Baltimore to go to grad school I took my piano (what was I thinking). Well I couldn't get it in my apartment but fortunately the studio building had a freight elevator! Also fortunately the piano had wheels and we actually rolled it down the street, across the 4-lane thoroughfare (!) and into the Fox Studio Building. So I had my piano in my studio for two years and then, because it didn't make sense to drag it all over the place looking for a job, I donated it to a little church which was without one.

Do you still see/talk to/hang out with any classmates? Who?

I really only keep up with two. Of course Dolores Summers has been my best friend ever since sixth grade, and Robert Nader has been my very dear and constant friend for many years.

If you could build a second house anywhere, where would it be?

Baltimore or DC

What did you always want to do that you haven't done yet?

I've really wanted to be internationally published - I've shown in group shows in Chicago, Santa Rosa, DC, Baltimore, New York, Cambridge, Pittsburgh and a lot of smaller shows, but I would like to have works in museums and big collections.

Places you want to go?

back to Zagreb Croatia and to Accra, Ghana, the home of my foster brother, Lex Adjeii, and sister, Alice Adjeii

Cool things you've done

I used to sit in (sing) with two bands in Austin. They were blues bands and I loved singing blues. We could really pack a house!

Ever been really lost?


Sang Karaoke


Lived one of your dreams?

I guess I've lived many of my dreams. I have been very blessed to have been able to have two precious children. Art has always been my passion and again, I was blessed to be able to major in art at UT Austin (BFA '81) and at Maryland Institute College of Art (MFA '87). Again, blessed to teach, I taught at the Institute a couple of semesters, at Santa Rosa Junior College '88-91, and at Indiana University of Pennsylvania '91-'07. Now I'm retired and can paint and draw and sew and sculpt and anything I want!

Ever eaten just cookies for dinner?


Favorite Movie?

ANYTHING with Benedict Cumberbatch!

Favorite Dessert

i would have to say baklava or maybe raspberry chocolate mousse cheesecake or Mexican flan or maybe torta di mele or . . . well shoot

Tell us how you got lost in the question above

On my drive to Philip's Bed and Breakfast in South Carolina (from Pittsburgh), my GPS betrayed me and I ended up on a very narrow dirt road on the edge of a cliff, with no street lights or houses, and a damn worthless GPS.

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with my son, Phil
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me in the studio
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in my office at the University
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Mom with my kids, Phil and Evie - summer 2013
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picture quilt I made for Mom's 90th birthday
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with my foster sister, Alice, and foster brother, Akwete
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granddaughter, Olivia
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granddaughter, Anna
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with my grandson, David